The Resource Owner Password Credential (ROPC) Grant Type

The resource owner password credential grant type is designed as a stop-gap for legacy applications. Should only be used temporarily until the migration of the application to OAUTH is complete. This grant type should never be used anymore. This type can request for offline_access scope (i.e. to request for refresh token).

  1. Use the token end point to do post request for the access token with the following headers:

    Content-Type = application/x-www-form-urlencoded

    And with the following form data:

    grant_type = password
    client_id = the one used from step 1.
    client_secret = 
    username = 
    password = 
    scope = (Optional) what permision wanted. If not specified, default permission will be given.
    state = (Optional) value to echo to us.

    Expected Response

    "access_token" : <ACCESS_TOKEN>,
    "token_type" : "Bearer",
    "expires_in" : 3600,
    "scope" : <The scope allowed by the server>
  2. Call the API with the authorization header like the following syntax:

    Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>

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