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Create a New Azure Function App with .Net Core by Azure Function Core Tools



  1. Create a directory to house your azure function codes.
  2. Using the command console,  navigate to the newly created directory.
  3. Execute the following command and select dotnet (i.e. usign the arrow keys) and press enter.
    func init

    Wait for the command prompt to come back.

  4. On the new prompt, execute the following command and select the template you want (i.e. using the arrow keys) and press enter.
    func new
  5. Type a name for the function and press enter.

Deploy Function using Azure Functions Core Tools

Use the following command to deploy a(some) locally developed function(s) to azure function app.

func azure functionapp publish <AZURE_FUNCTION_APP>

Note: This command will only work if your terminal session was signed in to azure. The login using the command found here.


AZURE_FUNCTION_APP The name of the function app found in azure portal.